Since space is cool and important:


Sooo, Gaimans Stardust is becoming a movie. Wheee!

But, they show the trailer on Yahoo Movies only. Booo!

But what kind of retarded moron of inbread stupid som-of-a-manager put it on Yahoo Movies, the worst movie site ever to be created?! I mean, mixing Flash and ActiveX (?) to embed Windows Media Player? What a great idea!! NOT!

Let’s see, I’ve got a Windo$e XP at work. Will it work? No, because I need to use MS Interfuck Exploder, and funny enough M$ has fucked it up, so I can’t install Flash on it. Morons. Firefox I have got flash on, but lo’ and behold, the ass-licker incompetent bloody visual basic scripters have made it impossible. Idiots.

Linux+Firefox, no. Linux+Opera, no. Windows+IE7, no (because of flash install). Windows+Opera, no, Windows+Firefox, no.

And I don’t have a Mac at hand. Coffe cup IQ bloody amateurs.

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth I finally figred out how to paste the source link of the embedded stream stright into Linux+Firefox and get my MPlayer plugin to fix it. *sigh*

Seems hyped ehough. They seem to have added a lot more action than what I remember from the book. That’s fair enough in my mind, as long as the Gaiman style and pace survives. Stardust is a remarkable book, much thanks to the same said pace and it lovely fairytale-for-grownups groove.

So here’s to hope. Despite the morons at Yahoo+Paramount.

One of the first things I though when confronted with the Hollywood “ooh we’re losing money to piracy”-tune was that I’d like to see a comparative study with the rise of DVD-sales as well. Simply because I certainly not have the budget to continue buyng CDs and to buy DVDs at the same time, and I doubt others have.

Well, well. Ars Technica reports… A new study in the Journal of Political Economy finds no correlation between piracy and falling CD-sales. Surprise?

And then: punch-card computing is back again. Perhaps. Or not. But hey, sounds cool doesn’t it?