Since someone asked, here’s a run down of the Internet applications I regularly use, and why. Enjoy!

  • Google (there’ll be some of these):
    • Gmail – Since I started GTD’ing I’ve come to realize how much an empty inbox is worth. But then, you need search capabilities to back it up. At the moment, I’m doing all my emails, private and business, via Google. Also, the Android Gmail application rocks.
    • Calendar – What can I say? It is simply the best. I currently have 2 calendars for myself, one for me and one for my business appointments, as well as one calendar for St Jacobs Chamber choir.
    • Reader – Again, the best of the bunch. The ability to stay in sync with your reading list is a must have. I kind of like the interface as well. And I use NewsRob on Android too.
    • Documents – Not so much, but it is convenient at times. Otherwise I’m very much off-line when it comes to document management and editing.
    • Picasa – This is where my public albums live. That’s right, you may be in there! Have a look, fungrim’s the name.
  • Remember the Milk – This is where my tasks and projects live. Live the simplicity, the Android application, and the name. I’m a paying user here.
  • Hootsuite – The geek weapon for managing you social presence. Good stuff, but not for the weak hearted. I currently use it for Facebook (daytime), 2 twitter accounts and my LinkedIn account.
  • Evernote – Together with WebClipper it’s the ultimate web reference tool. This is where I collect references and ideas. Good Android application too.
  • TripIt – Damn convenient! Just forward your booking email to it and you have it all sorted out. This saves you from receiving a booking confirmation for, say, a flight and then manually insert it to your calendar. Decent Android application.
  • Dropbox – Again, damn convenient! A shared storage that just works. Access the same folder from multiple computers. There’s all sorts of neat stuff you can do with this, and I have only started.
  • Xmarks – Bookmark synchronising over multiple browsers. What would I be without it?

All of the above with the exception of Xmarks and Hootsuite works very well with Android (xmarks doesn’t exist on Android and the Hootsuite application isn’t very good) which is perfect, I’m a very happy nerd!

And yes, I’m on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and LinkedIn as well. You’ll find links to my profiles below:

That’s about it. Not too addicted, eh?


Is a brand new HTC Desire! From which this post is expertly done 🙂

And so I’m a GTD acolyte. Wish my luck, it’ll sure be interesting.

I’ve posted a new article at Cubeia‘s site, titled Real Time Business Intelligence. It discusses complex event processing for gambling networks and is fairly slick… Er… At least for me…

I have a new article up on how to debug class loading with AOP at Cubeia’s site, in which I briefly discuss how Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) using AspectJ can be used to debug class loading, in particular in instances where a system have multiple class loaders. Check it out!

TIme to close tabs. This time two of the links will be in Swedish, sorry about that.

  • Fokus writes Spelet om FRA (SE). This is an article about what happened behind the scenes when the  Swedish parliament pushed through its recent signal tapping laws. If true, it is really incredibly stuff fit for any Tom Clancy novel. When the prime minister in Sweden is raging “either your with me or egainst me” in front of his inner circle, you now something is very, very wrong.
  • Brokep, one of the admins of The Pirate Bay, writes Sverige – väx upp! (SE). The background is simple, there is a terrible murder of children in a Swedish small town (actually my home town, close to my mom), the documents from the proceedings, which includes pictures of the murdered children, is published by the court as official public documents for anyone to look at, the documents end up on The Pirate Bay. Simple eh? And you’d thinks it’s fairly clear whom to blame? Yes, of course it’s the eviiil Pirate Bays Fault! Eviiiil….
  • I don’t understand economy. But it’s clear something has gone very, very wrong in the States. Nassim Nicholas Taleb writes The Fourth Quadrant: A manp of the limits of statistics over at Jaw-droppingly good article about risk, risk management and probabilities in statistics. Oh, and for your light entertainment, John Cole’s had enough


My Touch Diamond phone really is very neat. However, the battery time is dysmal. It’s a Li-Ion 900 mAh, which isn’t enought for a Windows Mobile. I seriously thinking of using the extension battery, which is a 1340 mAh, even though it would mean a slightly thicker phone.

Else than that I’m a happy camper. I spent several hour yesterday upgrading from the original ROM (1.37) to the latest and gratest (1.93). They’ve cut a few animations and generally made the handling smoother, it really is quite a difference. Thumbs up HTC, well done!

Now, if someone could figure out a really efective gattery hack as well…

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