The signal tapping law and discussions have certainly been both interesting and revealing. Here follows a few links for those interested. I’m afraid they’re all in Swedish though 🙂

  • First out, Sweden as an Echelon node by Rick Falkvinge (leader Swedish Pirate Party). Now, I’d be the first to admit that it feels absurd and far fetched. But it would also explain a few things, as for example the Swedish prime minister, or indeed the coalition itself, are so bloody close mouthed.
  • Secondly, Falkvinge again, but this time on the idea that it would be a crime for a Swedish citizen to witness a crime without interfering. Branded by the coalition as a way to improve safety, this is a terrible, terrible idea.
  • Thirdly, via HAX, Emma gives us a rundown on the laws and the ideas. This is truly scary stuff. A must-read.
  • And lastly, HAX himself gets into trouble with the law. Because you know, if you’re the head of an organization that has admittedly broken Swedish laws for several years, the best thing to to when discovered is try to silence the discoverer. Right?

What kind of idiots are running this country anyway?


In no particular order.


It is easy to think everyday measures in security are actually worthwhile, if nothing else because we’re doing them. But many of them seems to be just ignorant people getting bad ideas and promoting them. The hysteric airport passenger screening. Swedish FRA (signaltapping). And of course, CCTVs. Now, I generally don’t mind CCTVs, but lets not forget that they, too, are kind of worthless. Here’s what Bruce Schneier has to say:

Pervasive security cameras don’t substantially reduce crime. There are exceptions, of course, and that’s what gets the press.