So, I finally did it. This blog is now hosted at instead. So kindly update your bookmarks and your RSS feeds. This place is now dead, here’s where the action is:


Is a brand new HTC Desire! From which this post is expertly done 🙂

Time to close some tabs, this time on my perhaps greatest intellectual heroes. Daniel C Dennett and Douglas Adams.  Starting with Adams:

  • Is there an artificial god?” – Douglas Adams brilliant speech on Digital Biota 2 Cambridge U.K., September 1998. Fabulous stuff in a rambling typical Adamesque way. Including the famous puddle analogy and the ages of sand. Long read, but worth it.
  • “Parrots, the universe and everything” – A likewise rambling speech, but this time on video. Hilarious and reflective, just what we loved him for. And do read the book, it is rather nice.

And now Dennett:

  • “Free Will” – A lecture from Edinburgh University. This is, if you like, a short version of his book Freedom Evolves. Which you should read (I’m re-reading now).
  • “Thank Goodness” – Reflections on his near death experience (from an atheist’s perspective) and a moving thanks to the advancements of science and medicine we tend to take for granted these day. I don’t think I could be as hard on the theists though, but the man has a point.
  • “Autobiography, pt I” – And if you need more, here’s some on the man himself.


So, the blog has had a small hiatus. Again. Well, it will probably happen in the future as well, but for now I’ll try to start it up for a time. Can you hear the motor slowly spinning to life again? The sound of procrastination, lovely!

Erhm… Båstad Chamber Music Festival, St Jacobs Chamber Choir in Haarlem, Holland, Brügge with Herr Mürberg and soon also a trekking trip. All will be told, only later.

I’m a bad, bad blogger. I’ve forgotten to tell you about the main event this autumn. The earth-shattering, sky-rendering, all-time freaky fun event of the St Jacobs Chamber Choir Baritone Bash of 2008.

For those of you not familiar with the event… Er… That’s not very strange, since we invented it this year. Since the 1st bases of the choir have always been the pinnacle of male beauty, intelligence and loudness, we thought we’d celebrate it by: 1) eating A LOT; 2) drinking A LOT; 4) slaughter a few male choir parts at the piano; and 5) be “almänt självgoda”.

In attendence, yours truly, E2, Herr Mürberg und the Castle.

And I’m happy to report that we succeeded admirably on all points. I wont be able to give you a blow by blow report, so you’ll have to make do with some documentation of the food.

And if you wonder: Yes, E2’s a very good cook.

For some reason my body decided to screw up yesterday. And by “screw up” I mean fast heart beat, sleep problems, nausea etc. Which meant I’ve spent the day in bed.

Just because I had some fun yesterday? And by “some fun” I mean going out with Herr Mürberg and six other very cool and relaxed folks from the choir. It doesn’t seem fair.

Anyway, I slept through the day and is feeling fine now. So here’s some entertainment for you, Richard Dawkins at the Colbert Report! Great Stuff!

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