Time to close some tabs, this time on my perhaps greatest intellectual heroes. Daniel C Dennett and Douglas Adams.  Starting with Adams:

  • Is there an artificial god?” – Douglas Adams brilliant speech on Digital Biota 2 Cambridge U.K., September 1998. Fabulous stuff in a rambling typical Adamesque way. Including the famous puddle analogy and the ages of sand. Long read, but worth it.
  • “Parrots, the universe and everything” – A likewise rambling speech, but this time on video. Hilarious and reflective, just what we loved him for. And do read the book, it is rather nice.

And now Dennett:

  • “Free Will” – A lecture from Edinburgh University. This is, if you like, a short version of his book Freedom Evolves. Which you should read (I’m re-reading now).
  • “Thank Goodness” – Reflections on his near death experience (from an atheist’s perspective) and a moving thanks to the advancements of science and medicine we tend to take for granted these day. I don’t think I could be as hard on the theists though, but the man has a point.
  • “Autobiography, pt I” – And if you need more, here’s some on the man himself.



For some reason my body decided to screw up yesterday. And by “screw up” I mean fast heart beat, sleep problems, nausea etc. Which meant I’ve spent the day in bed.

Just because I had some fun yesterday? And by “some fun” I mean going out with Herr Mürberg and six other very cool and relaxed folks from the choir. It doesn’t seem fair.

Anyway, I slept through the day and is feeling fine now. So here’s some entertainment for you, Richard Dawkins at the Colbert Report! Great Stuff!

In no particular order.


Three quick pieces:

Happy New Year!

This is a damn fine blog which you all should read. A teenage atheist in a heavily catholic country. With an intolerant family. Damn it got me angry. Let’s all go there and leave our encouragement and respect.

A short note to self: even though it’s an ugly t-shirt, perhaps a banner or a poster would be nice? Damn good stuff! (But perhaps not for faint hearted Christians).

Three more or less awesome items this time:

  • A letter from Sweden. Outlandish readers: Pay attention!
  • Jupiter? Sure, lets drop by.
  • Poetic Meyers. Brilliant atheistic stand. Here.


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