I really had an idea of going here: The Spirit of Speyside Festival. I love Scotland. I love Whisky. So… However, I’ll be doing other things those particular days.

Oh and btw, I had a Benromach 25 YO with Red Eyed Jenna yesterday.


Yesterday a few old friends where down in Stockholm for a meetup, dinner and general foolishness. And of course I couldn’t resist having a few drams. So:

And we finished off with the late night dram of all late night drams, the Uigeadahl.

I took an important decision yesterday: I did not buy another electric bass! Although I really, really wanted to! Instead I bought some wine and whisky! Hurray!


So, via Whiskyblog I hear that Bruichladdich is planning to rebuild the distillery in Port Charlotte, on the site of the old Lochindaal distillery. Although the entire machinery will come from the defunct Inverleven. In any case, another Islay distillery? Fungrim says hell yes!

Hm… Which reminds me, it’s high time I pay my first visit to Islay. Hm…

Numbered geekery here. 30 GMail tricks. And 101 share- and freeware apps.

And whisky! Of course! In a challenge!

And lastly, via the BA, an old link. I read it when it was posted, and I completely agree with Mr Plait, ’tis a brilliant post indeed. What phychics I ask you?

I spent the Weekend at Torpshammar with St Jacobs Chamber Choir. And would you believe it? The proprietors were all whisky fanatics. Or sort of anyway. And they had this thing for Duncan Taylor & Co Ltd. Which is, of course, completely understandable. So, among other things I tasted:

  • Invergordon, 39YO (Grain / Highland / Duncan Taylor)
  • Bunnahabhain, 33YO (Malt / Islay / Duncan Taylor)
  • Bruichladdich, 37YO (Malt / Islay / Duncan Taylor)
  • Johnnie Walker Green Label (Vatted Malt)
  • Duncan Taylor Regional Blended; Islay (Vatted Malt / Islay)
  • Duncan Taylor “The Big Smoke” (Vatted Malt / Islay)