Time to address the second batch. I have tasted it before, but was slightly disappointed. But my more experienced friends adviced me to wait a while longer. Some beers needs a little bit more than 2 weeks in bottle. It has now been 5 weeks in bottle, so let’s have a go!

  • Looks: Off white head. Descent retention. Hazy amber gold with a redish cast. Much like batch 1.
  • Nose: Some American hops alright. Citrus mixed with malt and… Banana?! WTF?!
  • Palate: Smooth and creamy. Low carbonation
  • Taste: Light. Small body. A nice easy flowing bitterness. Some citrus. Well balanced, not too sweet, not too bitter.
  • Overall: A lightweight. Easy to drink and forget. Not bad though, even though the banana smell puts me off a bit.

If batch 1 was a 3 out of 5 (with some bonus for being the first try), this is a 2. I won’t be making it again. But very served very cold on my sunny balcony a late summer day? Hell yes!