No picture closing yesterday I’m afraid. Not because I don’t have them, but because I’ve been threatened with bodily harm should I ever publish 😉

The evening after the concert started at the local bar at the hotel and at a restaurant across the railway. And I thought: Gosh, I’m really getting material for a blog post here! Only… My cup overfloweth, what started as a slightly hysterical evening ended up being… A *very* hysterical evening.

It included, but is very much not limited to…

  • “Jo, men det var en musikalisk tupp”
  • Hysterisk skrattande, som sköljde som vågor över damkören
  • Pistoler och granater (in picciol tempo – *klick*)
  • An Italiensk kvinna som 1) hittade på en drink som var, citat “sjukt god”; 2) blev serenadiserad; och 3) svimmade. I den ordningen.
  • Småååå pupiller.
  • Sjungande (?!) Italienare
  • “You are with the Swedish choir? Then you can go back to them…”
  • The inquisitional force of Anna-Lulle
  • Ett bad. 0330?
  • Drinkar!

The evening ended in room 65 where the last brave men and women held out ’till 0500. Last men, and women, standing were Lulle, Anna, David, yours truly, Mathias, Jocke and Niklas.

St Jacobs Chamber Choir at their finest!