Let’s just toss them, shall we?

  • Daniel Brahneborg rips Anders Wik and Ingvar Åkesson a couple of new ones. Regardingthe FRA stuff. In Swedish: Finn fem fel.
  • Conservapedia, my ultimate source of knowledge and wisdom, has this to say: Causes of Atheism. Look at the dancing clowns mama!
  • I’m an elitist bastard. Are you? Here’s the second carnival in any case.
  • What it says: The opposite sex.
  • Conspiracy theorists rejoice! All this tedious mucking about with actually imagining up your own fantasy is over. Now you can all use this instead: The Zionist-Conspiracy-O-Matic.
  • The official God FAQ.
  • Steampunk cufflinks? Oh hell yes! Steampunk rings? Of course! Etsy have them all.