December 2007

Three quick pieces:

Happy New Year!


Another short one: A presidential debate on science? Let’s spread the word. Here’s the Facebook group as well.

This is a damn fine blog which you all should read. A teenage atheist in a heavily catholic country. With an intolerant family. Damn it got me angry. Let’s all go there and leave our encouragement and respect.

Via The Book Swede: It appears WoT is to be finished despite Mr. Jordans sad demise. By a Brandon Anderson. God luck to him, eh? But really, let’s hope he does it well. I really loved the first couple of books, and despite the their sluggish pace and endlessly repeating characterization I still have a soft spot for them.

Tired and drunk. Damn but that white wine is easy to drink, eh? So here’s some night music for you: Steve Vai shows us who’s king. I surrender, easily. Time to sleep.

Since space is cool and important: