August 2007

The vote is being redone. Now, you’d think it’s because Micro$oft
bought the vote, wouldn’t you? No, it’s because of one company voting
several times. Er… Would be interesting to know what company, eh?

And here is the ComputerSweden article in English.

Now, please dear Sun, IBM and Google: Haven’t you got any friends you can invite to this party? Call me, I’ve got two companies whose vote you bu… Erhm… who… would consider being encouraged by you in this question. Please?


And so Sweden will vote to make OOXML an ISO standard. Funny thing is, in the middle of the summer, SIS (which is th organization responsible in Sweden) had eleven members. But from the 23rd August and onwards 23 new companies joined. Of which 18 (!) are Micro$oft partners… What a coincidence!

List of companies here (in Swedish, but scroll down for the list).

And ComputerSweden (magazine) have got their hands (Swedish) on an internal email from Micro$oft to their partners. Funky stuff. Partners that go there and vote for Micro$soft will get reimbursed from the beast with “market support” and “extra support in the form of Micro$oft resources”. And the partners should go to the meeting and vote, plus a few extra meetings just to make it less obvious that they where only there for the vote. In short: you’ll fix the vote and we’ll pay you for it.

So that’s how you do a standard: First you let an organization attempt to find out the best procedure and investigate the proposals and then you pay you pals to go there and vote so it doesn’t matter anyway.


IBM walked out of the vote when they realized it was turning into a farce.

Some more links:

Oh yes, and some lapdog from Micro$oft Sweden makes some noise about how the mail was “badly formulated” and should never have been sent and we don’t buy votes and yada yada yada. Bitch.