The Codist asks what open source frameworks we use. Now, he says frameworks, but it looks more like libraries and utilities. Which is fine by me as I generally tend to avoid the larger frameworks, and just as The Codist himself wrote my own web framework for my regular site.

So, without further ado, here’s some regulars:

  • Jetty – good stuff
  • c3p0 – JDBC pooling
  • log4j – logging, I don’t really like it, but…
  • jgroups – data distribution/messaging
  • JBoss Serialization – for high throughput servers
  • JBoss Cache – data replication
  • Mina – network IO framework
  • XFire – for all your SOAP needs
  • HSQLDB – just works, but I’ll probably check out H2 soon
  • Jaxen – very good xpath engine
  • Hibernate – ORM, because it is more or less standard
  • GNU Trove – primitive fast collections
  • Wicket – if I really must code an web UI

But I must admit, for my home coding I use a lot of my private libraires, I’ve got my own XML API and XPath engine. My own commons collection, UUID API, simple object -> XML lib, logging, email API, etc.