Blogging will now continue normally. At least to a certain degree of normality. Many of the things that have kept me away will be mentioned in separate posts later, but for now, here follows a list of show stoppers in no particular order:

  • several concerts with various vocal ensembles
  • buying my first own apartment
  • being on tour with St Jacobs Chamber Choir in Normandy
  • having a very busy time with Cubeia Ltd, including but not limited to: getting our own first office, starting talks with several new customers, starting our work with Jadestone AB etc.
  • starting in the rock band (as bassist) Grand60
  • having my first gig with the band above
  • rehearsing “The Juliet Letters” with the “Arctica” string quartet
  • working at Båstad Chamber Music Festival as chief of transport
  • recording a Christmas album with St Jacobs Chamber Choir
  • starting rehearsals for a small opera this autumn

Here we go.