Really, I’ve seen a lot. You really don’t have to be ashamed of being… different – but on the other hand, this pick of search phrases that have been used in arriving to this blog the last two days is… Just a little, little bit disturbing you know?

  • bastianini live performances on dvd
  • sin of narcissism
  • Encode charcters to ASCII in java
  • goddes of dawn
  • eclipse launch configurations not seen i
  • how to start with spring programming
  • hansi kursch religion
  • java programming converting inputstream
  • if i can build a computer i can make you
  • the body bags and little rags
  • if jesus comes back we’ll kill him again
  • chocolate mousse translated in Finnish
  • need joomla multilingual help?
  • php cms in JSR-168
  • islay alcohol

At least they gave me a good laugh. “chocolate mousse translated in Finnish”?! God gracious me.