It is easy to critisize others. Easier still to critisize yourself. Point in question: this afternoon I sang the baritone solo in Corraddo Margutti’s “Missa Lorca” with St Jacobs Chamber Choir. And… I blew it. Normally I try very hard not to be self-critical ater a performance, if nothing else because it makes you look like a tweep. But this time, I sank back to a place and a sound where I haven’t been for… Well, I don’t, 2 or 3 years. I cracked the first F#4, and the G4 at the end was pure will and no tone. Think fucken screaming, ok? Although the tenors in the choir tells me we we’re more than a half-second off pitch at that time, so it was probably more like a Ab4+. But even so, I didn’t sing it well and it annoys me.

I really, really wanted to nail that solo. And I failed.


But no cloud without a fucking silver lining, eh? My dear friend Åsa Dornbusch (SV) was up from Germany, and was there listening. We had a nice dinner on Haga Deli and we had some nice DVD opera-nerdery at my place afterwards.

Thank goodness for my friends.