February 2007

When my Intertubes was down, I walked across the street to the local 7-11 and used their surf stations for a while. I’ve ben using Firefox with a popup-blocker, and ad-blocker for quite some time now. But obviously the computers I used yesterday had only IE7 with no popu-blocking and all ads promptly displayed. Damn, that was an eye opener! (1) loading all ads makes it percievably slower; (2) all damn ads are very annoying; (3) popups and their like are extremely tiresome; and (4) tabs and a good tab configuration rules.

Thank goodness I’m a geek. And, I believe that if you can demonstrate the above points for a non-geek easily, you can win them over to firefox in a heart-beat.


My Intertubes are up again. Hurray!

My intertubes have been interrupted. For some bloody reason I signed up for “electronic invoices” vith my IP. And then of course promptly forgot about it. And now aparently I have not payed one of them. *sigh*

Should be back online within a day, but still… Are you guys as dependent on the tubes as I am?

Celebrate Xenu! If you’re reading this and don’t know who this “Xenu” person is, you can start here. Thet’s right. It’s the space alien L. Ron Hubbard created as the back-story for Scientology. In Birmingham (UK) I was frequently annoyed by Scentology people on the streets, and my favourite answer as I swept pass them quickly became a sneering: “In Xenu I trust!” They quickly stopped bothering me. I wonder why?

No more “oh shit, I don’t have a subway map, where the hell am I going!” for me. Here.

Streaming philosophy radio on line? Why not? I havn’t had time to check it out properly yest, but it does seem like a cool idea.

Sooo… After just 3 months I have left NetEntertainment AB. My friends will already know about it, but paralell to my employment at NetEnt, me and 3 friends have slowly rolled our own ball. And now we’re hoping it will have enough momentum for us to hop abord and tag along for a ride.

Our company have already a very limited website, here. For more info about Cubeia, watch the website or this space. I’ll probably get back to it.

Working at NetEnt was largely enjoyable. Although, truth be told, I spent quite some time rolling my thumbs as their timing for employing me perhaps wasn’t the best. However, it was a very good position (platform development lead) and I do feel, and I think many of the people there I worked with agrees, that I could have contributed quite a bit.

But when you have a chance to do your own start-up, with a product, with a first customer, with venture capital negoiations going, with more potentional customers emerging… Let’s just say that I don’t think I’ll regret the desition to try.

So, now there’s a wild ride ahead. I’ll be careful, Im sure here’ll be dragons. And yes, I know that we’re one of them.

I spent the evenings this week working with Eric Ericson Chamber Choir. For those of you not in the know, it is one of the most influencial chamber choirs in recent memory, as well as one of the absolute best. In the world.

We did Brahms Requiem together with the Royal Philarmomic Orchestra. Peter Mattei (!) and Henriette Bonde-Hansen sang the solo parts. Marc Soustrot conductet.

Reviews here (in swedish): DN, SVD.

Peter Mattei was of course terrific. Splendid voice. And he sang it very straight, letting the music through and used only small effects to underline the text. Very nice indeed.

Working with EEKK was a lot of fun. I havn’t been in any so obviously professional choir since I left the Gotheburg opera. Being back in the ranks with the professionals was nice. They also had a very good rehearsal dicipline that I enjoyed. No small talk, lets just sing. Arne Almroth led the choir rehearsals. Nice chap, good work.

I also got to meet and sing with my old friend Eva again. Wheeee!

All in all: splendid stuff.

So, I went to see Pain of Salvation live in Gothenburg last Sunday. It’s no big secret they’re one of my favourite bands, although I hesitate to call myself a “fan”. You see, I went to senior high school with Daniel Gildelöw, I have one of the earliest demos on tape from that time, and I actually bought their first album – Entropia – by transfering money to Daniels bank account after which he sent me an album. I feel like I’m a bit… *shrug* beyond fandom.

First off, I was aiming for Cafe Caprese for a spot of lunch. However, as it was 5 minutes untill they was to open we investigetad why there was a lot of people in CD-Specialisten across the street. As luck would have it. That was because Pain of Salvation was to sign there, as well as play a short accoustic set. The set was mostly for the fun of it and there’s not much to say about it, if you’re interested you should listen to their album 12:5, which is completely accoustic. But when we had eaten, PoS was finished signing and I caught Daniel to exchange a few pleasantries. But not about the weather.

The show was later in Musikens Hus. Nice club feeling. Or was it the few stiff ones I had before? Damn, it is so hard to judge that sort of stuff.

Anyway, the setlist was:

  • Scarsick
  • America
  • !
  • Nightmist
  • Handfull of Nothing
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Ashes
  • Undertow
  • This Heart of Mine
  • Song for the Innocent
  • Chainsling
  • Diffidentia
  • Flame to the Moth
  • Disco Queen
  • Encore: Hallelujah (Cohen)
  • Encore: Used

Apparently, we got to hear “Song for the Innocent” instead of “Cribcaged”. That was too bad as the energy in the middle of the concert sank a little too low. Otherwise, a very good show. They do give a lot on stage, the energy was terrific.

I personally would have liked to hear “Spitfall” and “Cribcaged” or “Enter Rain” from the new album played live. And “Hallelujah” was a rather strange choise, the song is popular in Sweden thanks to a certain Peter Jöback but in a Swedish translation and it’s… Absolutely awful. However, Daniel did get a few points in my book with the comment after the song: “This was a song about religion by Peter Jöback. Or it was a song about sex by Leonard Cohen. I can never remember.” Classic. 

Also the sound was not top notch. I experiemented with ear plugs, but they cut of everything between the highest trebble and the lowest base no matter how I used them. I believe the sound lacked middle register and as a consequence it didn’t feel as tight, nor as “punchy” as I would have liked it.

That’s nitpicking though. T’was a very good show.

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