I spent the Weekend at Torpshammar with St Jacobs Chamber Choir. And would you believe it? The proprietors were all whisky fanatics. Or sort of anyway. And they had this thing for Duncan Taylor & Co Ltd. Which is, of course, completely understandable. So, among other things I tasted:

  • Invergordon, 39YO (Grain / Highland / Duncan Taylor)
  • Bunnahabhain, 33YO (Malt / Islay / Duncan Taylor)
  • Bruichladdich, 37YO (Malt / Islay / Duncan Taylor)
  • Johnnie Walker Green Label (Vatted Malt)
  • Duncan Taylor Regional Blended; Islay (Vatted Malt / Islay)
  • Duncan Taylor “The Big Smoke” (Vatted Malt / Islay)