We all have heard about Vista and its DRM features right? RIGHT? Erhm… No, at least I hadn’t really thought much about it. But… Things may get interesting soon if we don’t do something very drastic.

Some points to consider for you:

  • High Definition (HD) content will be artificially downgraded (think “fuzzy”) with a significant loss of quality. At all times.
  • Device drivers must adhere to a set of “hardware rubustness rules”. Which are dictade by… Hollywood.
  • Closed source business is here again.
  • Oh yes, and you will need new hardware to play HD content. Completely new and dictade my Micro$oft itself, otherwise it will not play at all.
  • Micro$soft has the right to disable any of your hardware at any time.
  • And of course you can’t just change any significant hardware (what ever that means) in your computer. It will lock down. Anti-piracy you see. Because we know all home system builders are all pirates. Yes! Mark my word!
  • There’s a good chance your hardware will become less stable.
  • Obviously there’s going to be AES encryption all over the place, which will eat CPU and GPU cycles for you.
  • Do you like sotware encodings (like Ogg)? Kiss them godbye.

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