At the turn of the year I weighted 93 kilos. That is simply too much, even for me. Sooo, time for a damn change! Here’s the current regime which I’ve been doing the last two weeks.

I’m trying not to starve myself. The goal is to eat normally, but less. And no fat. And not too much sugar. I’m no penalist here yet, I havn’t measured calories exactly. Yet. This is an aproximation of a day:

  • Morning: 2.5-3 dl soured milk (2.5% fat), muesli (no extra sugar), raisins. One slice of dark bread (no extra sugar or fat) with some light spread. 1.5-2 dl orange juice (no extra sugar).
  • Lunch: Normal, but low on calories. Salmon. Chicken. Rice. Etc.
  • Afternoon: A cup soup. A banana.
  • Evening: 2.5-3 dl soup (3.5 % fat, tomatoe, asparagous etc). One slice of dark bread with one slice of cheese.

I’m training in a four day cycle. Like this:

  • Day 1) 40 min bicycling. Modarate effort. 400 cal.
  • Day 2) Aprox 15 min rowing. Moderate effort. 150-200 cal. Light weight lifting. 100 cal?
  • Day 3) 40 min bicycling. Modarate effort. 400 cal.
  • Day 4) Rest.

Repeat ad infinitum. It is worth pointing out that I never train except on empty stomach – usually before the evening meal – in order to maximize burn rate.

Does it work? Well… I started two weeks ago at 93 kg. At the moment, I’m at 89.6 kg. More than a kilo per week. I’d call that a success. I’m now aiming for 78 kilos at the end of Mars. Wish me luck.